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Airport business services

Service for internal use by the company

  • System for accounting of company clients
  • The possibility of ordering air tickets
  • Functions for working with additional services provided at airports
  • Personal account for agents

Private project

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Poems generator

Text generator + text voiceover

  • Voice to Text
  • Text to Voice


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CRM for sales

A cloud solution for sales

  • Dashboard
  • Scheduler
  • Kanban
  • Deals and Deals constructor
  • Email client
  • Contacts base
  • Clients base
  • Warehouses
  • Sevices management
  • Clients history
  • User roles
  • Unit structure setup
  • buisness process
  • call
  • tasks
  • reminders
  • notifications

Demo CRM

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Robit - easy repair of your house

A cloud solution that unites the repair customer and its contractor

  • Accepting orders for repair or construction
  • Working with Customers
  • Working with contractors
  • Resources and Materials Base
  • Fast budgeting
  • Payment Control
  • Price works


Youtube demo video

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Zernyatko - eCommerce


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Art Constructor - designer of modular paintings

Created designer of modular paintings
From the image you like, you can create a layout for making a modular picture
You can see the layout as it will look in your interior, 3D mode, prepare the corresponding image for printing
Written in javascript

Goto Art Constructor

Youtube demo video

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Merchant Management

Developed software for managing merchants and sales representatives

Cloud SaaS Solution

  • Ability to remotely control each step
  • Ability to create individual routes
  • Ability to monitor GPS location
  • Remote Reporting Out of the Box
  • Ability to take photos and videos, text notes and logical marks
  • Automate route planning by creating templates
  • Mission Reports
  • Ability to upload data to MS Excel
  • Back-end for a mobile application - Rest API
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Back-end and Dashboard for fishing service

  • Efficiency Dashboard
  • Back-end for a mobile application - Rest API
  • Notifications to users of the mobile app - Google FIREBASE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS
  • Fishing statistics
  • Catch statistics
  • Fish Weight Statistics
  • Water Statistics
  • Fisherman age statistics
  • Detailed catch history
  • Fisherman Management
  • Fisherman License Management
  • Role Based Access Distribution
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Project manager "Construction project management"

  • Gantt online
  • Construction Management
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Team work on the project
  • Accounting and balancing resources
  • Accounting and material orders
  • Activity Tracking
  • Project Documents
  • Reports
  • Funding Schedule
  • Daily Monthly Plan
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CRM "Clients and Task Management"

  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Task management
  • Manage calendars
  • Kanban
  • Cash operations
  • Activity Tracking
  • Reports
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Project "E-health"

  • Employee Accounting
  • Accounting for corporate car bookings
  • Accounting for business trips and events of the organization
  • Issue of passes to visitors
  • Automating a request center (Helpdesk)
  • On-line request management using the BPM Activity system
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Project "Operational accounting of customer orders"

  • Inventory inventory
  • Customer order tracking
  • Vendor order tracking
  • Write-off of goods by projects (transactions)
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Project namagement
Building project management system

Developed a system for customer relationship for building organization.
Allows to account: projects, objects, personnel, actions logs.
Functions: reports, interface settings and other system parameters.

Order demo access

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Souvenir e-commerce

Demo: netart.urandev.com

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VARGO company

Vargo - retail store equipment

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Build-Argo info

Construction and agro cooperation offers

Catalog of gaudy and proposition in the business and agro areas

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Itinery - Plan your ideal trip

  • Plan your trip
  • Shares experiences with friends
  • See places to visit along your main path
  • Book hotels
  • Visit exhibitions, attractions, events
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GaskarProject is a project management system of any scale

  • Accounting and analysis of construction projects
  • Managing tasks
  • Flexible project team management
  • Report designer
  • Templates for quick start projects
  • Tariffs
  • Import/Export
  • Change log
  • Accounting work costs and volumes
  • Forecasting
  • Critical path
  • Deadlines monitoring
  • Risk analysis

Private project

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Parking search service

Find your convenient parking at the airport
Choose the most suitable parking option, with all options and amenities

Active website: "GoTo Airport Parking"

Target audience - Australia

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Bonza - Manicure Studio

You can online on the site in advance to reserve a place with the specialist you need

Bonza - Manicure Studio.

Demo: Bonza - Manicure Studio

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E-klimat - online e-commenrce

eCommerce climate equipment 'E-klimat'.

e-klimat.prom.ua (E-klimat.ua) - website closed

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Bonza Online e-commenrce

Bonza - e-commenrce of oil perfumes on tap


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E-commerce of heating equipment

Heat to Every Home - Heat Equipment Online Store e-commenrce

Warmth in every home

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Vpotoke mobile application

Vpotoke mobile application - android mobile application for video service Vpotoke

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School of Skills

A personal trainer will help you achieve more

  • Set Your Goals
  • Achieve your goal collectively - with like-minded people
  • Control other members of the group
  • Report progress to your mentor


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Ocean Tour - travel agency

Search and order of tours


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Albero - salon of doors and floors

Created webservice for Albero - Salon of doors and floors



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Created webservice for semi-precious stones implementation company


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Building cost estimate cloud service

Developed the informational web-portal Smeta-online


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Sports nutrition


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Landing page

Medical Publishing Landing Page

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Created webservice for Vpotoke

Video broadcasting service

Demo web cams

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PM business solution

Created website for PM business solution

PM business solution Lviv - business school in Lviv

Advertising spaces orders


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Advertising agencies "Europoster-west"

Created webservice for advertising agencies "Europoster-west"


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Contest Miss Cuba 2014

Contest for the most beautiful club girl


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Mebel "Spectr"

Online furniture store. Individual selection


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Base of rest "Pink elephant"

The website of a recreation center outside the city in nature



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Children leisure center Funny and clever

Created webservice for children leisure center. Information about the center, its services and visitors. As well as the ability to view webcams to authorized users of the site


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Dismantling Mercedes-Benz

Created webservice for spare autoparts shop


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Created webservice for organization of advertising campaigns

Test system

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All about Forex.
News and tips for beginners. How to choose your broker

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Developed corporate informational portal of Expertsoft company


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Developed regional informational portal of Kirovohrad city “GID-Kirovohrad”.


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The magical world of needlework

Craft blog
All About Needlework
Large selection of embroidery blanks

Landing page - Just in time


Landing page - Veterinary clinic Rex


Landing page - Іnternet-store of children's goods with shvidkoy delivery in Ukraine


Association of Bio-Dentists of Ukraine

If your area does not yet have a representative office, become the head of the local association center

Personal psychologist Nadezhda Shevchenko

Psychologist of the city of Dnipro

U.B.C. Investments L.P. are operated since 2010 and provide Customers with services in cargo and passengers transportation.

Plumbing in Odessa wholesale

Cuba vape

Online store of electronic cigarettes and accessories

Next Generation Medical Simulators