Job opportunity

The team requires a web developer

The full stack web development team Uran developers conducts a set of purposeful, creative, willing to actively develop in a team with colleagues. Both qualified professionals and beginners.



The average level of knowledge, OOP.

Knowledge of the MVC programming pattern, basic knowledge of the PHP Yii framework or Laravel is appreciated.

We do not offer a daily stream of uninteresting tasks for fixing bugs, finalizing trifles in CMS-types like Wordperss, Joomla

We develop interesting sites and services using frameworks.


  •     proper use of keys;
  •     be able to work with dates;
  •     ability to write queries using mysql JOIN operators (know operator types);
  •     be able to use links


ES6 standard

And also: jQuery (selectors, effects ...)

The ability to connect a variety of ready-made solutions: date picker widgets, slideshow, sliders ...

Welcome: webpack, gulp


Middle level.

Working conditions

  •     interesting projects, not one-day ones;
  •     full time at the office;
  •     friendly team of IT-employees;
  •     40 hours a week.


Official, worthy of your knowledge and abilities, depends on the results of your work, is discussed individually.

Our work is an opportunity for self-realization, participation in interesting projects, an opportunity to gain new knowledge, career growth.

Address on the contacts specified in the Contacts section.

Jobs update date: 12/09/2021